Rules and Regulations

The Academy believes that decorum and discipline are the hallmarks of the Civil Service aspirants, which can make them the responsible Administrators of the Nation.

Rules and Regulations applicable to the students are as follows,

  1. The Academy expects the students to maintain high standard of discipline and ideal behavior to keep up the reputation of the courses and institution. Realizing their responsibilities towards the faculty and fellow students, the enrolled students should adopt, appropriate standards of conduct such as using courteous & polite language, behaving with decorum & dignity, both inside and outside campus etc.
  2. Any violation of the above code of discipline and behavior will attract disciplinary action.
  3. The courses will be provided in every Academic year from June 1 to May 31st. The fee paid for any courses will be valid for that particular academic year only.
  4. The fee once paid will not be refunded nor adjusted under any circumstances.
  5. The fee paid to integrated Prelims cum Mains Batch is for General studies only. Optional subjects will be provided free of cost to those who enroll the Integrated Prelims cum Mains Batch.
  6. Any one of the three optional subjects a). Lit of Tamil Language, b). Public Administration, c). Political Science & International Relations will be provided free of cost to those who enroll the Integrated Prelims cum Mains Batch.
  7. Students should ensure full attendance and punctuality. Any absence or late comings need prior intimation failing which the academy may keep their parents updated of the same.
  8. If a Student is absent for more than 30 days continuously without prior intimation, he/she shall be deemed to have been left the Academy on their own
  9. The Academy reserves the right to make changes in the Faculties, time table or venue of classes at any time according to its convenience.
  10. Batch (Regular / Weekend) shifting is allowed once.
  11. The study materials supplied to the students are Academy’s copyright and is meant for the use of students only
  12. All students (other than enrolled in ‘study batch’) should attend all the tests conduct by the academy.
  13. The Academy reserves the right to publish the Photographs of successful candidates towards promotion of its
  14. Students must carry their Identity Card while entering the campus and identify themselves whenever called for.
  15. Students should follow formal dress code inside the campus.
  16. Safety of the personal belongings and articles of the students shall be their own responsibility and the Management does not own any responsibility for the loss of any such property.
  17. At study hall strict silence should be observed. Phone calls and group discussions are restricted
  18. Group discussion with prior permission is allowed at a separate hall.
  19. Students must conserve electricity and water. They must switch off the lights & fans whenever they leave the class room and studyhall.
  20. Safe keeping of the Academy’s property is the responsibility of students. Any damaged to the property should be made good / compensated by the respective students
  21. Any complaint and suggestion can be dropped in the ‘Suggestion Box. The Management will take necessary action wherever required.
  22. In all matters the decision of the Academy shall be final.
  23. The above are the Rules & Regulations stated in general and the academy has the right to amend them at anytime as it may deems fit